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WEST Business Services


Business to Business Account Manager, December 2004 to April 2009

  • Company focus is to provide high quality professional business to business inside sales and customer service services to a variety of enterprise-level companies.
  • My initial primary focus was to act as a business account manager for clients of Cingular Wireless (formerly AT&T Wireless).
  • Call on existing base of business customers and encourage them to renew contracts, upgrade service, add new service, gain referrals, increase usage of data services and more.
  • Try to provide Cingular business customers with a personalized experience and a single (“cingular”) point of contact for all their wireless needs. This is to prevent a customer from calling a customer service number and waiting on hold. Instead they gain access to a personal account manager who helps them streamline their services and their account.
  • Received a promotion to a “Special Projects Team”. Was made a Project Leader in charge of managing a large scale migration project for the U.S. Postal Service. Was also a key team member in a variety of other large scale projects as well.
  • Have designed and implement many different forms and documents which are used in a variety of capacities within the company including sales proposals, sales tracking, data management, brochures, spec sheets, credit requests, and more.
  • Also charged with maintaining and updating our internal intranet central communications page for the Cingular project (ie. “Cingular Web Portal”). This means I must keep track of all the latest news and subject matter which are important to keeping our entire program functioning in an efficient manner and allowing us to service our clients most efficiently.


  • Received multiple awards including Excellence in Execution, Associate of the Month, Employee of the Month, and several miscellaneous awards for unsolicited customer and client feedback.
  • Have also gotten consistent positive feedback and commendations from co-workers for assistance and being an excellent team player who goes above and beyond the call of duty.
  • One of the first people chosen to be promoted to the newly created and coveted Cingular “Special Projects Team”.
  • This team is tasked to provide specialized services to global account managers and business care managers, assisting them with large scale migration and customer recovery and retention projects affecting very large corporate and global accounts.
  • Helped to significantly reduce custome churn rate and saved Cingular hundreds of thousands of dollars in otherwise lost revenue.
  • Also put in charge of creating a new “web portal” for the dissemination of shared resources and information using Microsoft Sharepoint Services. Received a separate award for my oustanding work on that project alone.